Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Mailbox: RootsTech Hotel Space Going Fast

Dear Ancestry Insider,

The week of Roots Tech is not only spring break for skiers but also the NCAA basketball regional finals at the nearby Energy Solutions Center. Many of the hotels are completely booked like the Marriott across the street. Downtown Salt Lake will be very crowded that week. Those of us traveling from out of state should get our hotel and flights early and please get the word out to Roots Tech attendees.

Widholm *

Dear Widholm,

Yikes! I hadn’t realized there were that many things happening in Salt Lake that week. Thanks for the warning. I was aware that the workshops are filling up fast. If you’ve already decided to go to RootsTech, act now. If you haven’t decided yet, give it some thought. Right away.

The Insider


  1. Just got a room at the Plaza for my wife and I - Nicole said there aren't many rooms left.

  2. If the local rooms fill, try booking in Provo then taking Frontrunner up and back, it's going to be a six-dollar fare but it will get there in about 45 minutes or less. Frontrunner will run from the station by the University Avenue viaduct over the tracks. I understand UTA has free wifi on most but not all cars.

    Once in Salt Lake, get off and take TRAX to Temple Square Station, it's right by the Salt Palace. Since that is in the Free Fare Zone, no additional fare will be needed from Frontrunner to that station.


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