Wednesday, July 10, 2013 Revamps Shoebox Mobile App revamps Shoebox appI’m on the road this week and haven’t found time to author articles. In the interest of timeliness, let me share an announcement that I’d like to write about later.

The Shoebox Mobile App has been recently updated and is better than ever for family historians. This free photo scanning app allows you to take high quality photos, edit, date your photos, map the location, tag family members and more. With a free registration to, the mobile app will upload images directly to specific ancestors on your tree. You can upload photos right at the cemetery, library and archive. With unlimited scanning, you can scan the entire box of photos that may appear at holiday gatherings, and make notes attached to the photo so you can remember every detail.

Download the app now so you can scan photos on the go, tag your ancestors and upload the image right to their profile. It’s a great way to scan and archive an unlimited number of photos for free. The quality of camera phones has increased drastically in recent years and are now as good as many scanners. For example, the iPhone 4S+ offers an 8 megapixel camera that takes images at 2448X3264 resolution. You now have a high quality scanner on the go!

The app can be found at the App Store as well as Google play. For more information on the Shoebox Mobile App, visit

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  1. I'm subscribed to rather than, as my family are almost all in the UK. Will this App work for the UK site, or do you know if it's likely to be made available through that site in the future ?


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