Friday, August 30, 2013

Darned Royalty Records

Records say the darnedest things

We depend upon records to reveal the “truth” about our pasts.

Yet sometimes records have anomalies.
Some are amusing or humorous.
Some are interesting or weird.
Some are peculiar or suspicious.
Some are infuriating, even downright laughable.

Yes, Records say the Darnedest Things.”

Records Are the Darnedest Things: Darned Royalty Records

The birth registration for Prince George of Cambridge

The new prince of England is named “His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.” What the heck do you put in the surname field of your genealogy program?

His father has quite the occupation: “Prince of the United Kingdom.”

There is some discussion among royal circles as to the correctness of Kate’s occupation, “Princess of the United Kingdom.” Could it be that even royals can fill out vital record forms incorrectly? For more information on this important issue, see “Royal Baby's Birth Certificate Lists Parents' Jobs as Prince, Princess.” (Thank you to the coworker who alerted me to this article.)


  1. Isn't the surname WINDSOR - although that doesn't show up anywhere in the record?

  2. Strictly speaking, members of the Royal Family don't have surnames, but you are right, Windsor has been the family name since the First World War. The present Queen's children appear in the birth indexes under both the Windsor and Edinburgh surnames. The births of Prince William and Prince Harry are indexed only under Windsor, but in their military careers they both use the surname Wales...

    Confused? You will be

  3. I'm surprised that someone hasn't brought out the truth about the name "Windsor". Like many of our ancestors, the Royal family took the name upon themselves when they were in danger during the World War. They have no claim to it other than that royalty has a right to choose their "family" name. On the other hand, Mary, Queen of Scots, was a Stuart and can lay claim to that name through her lineage, which is usually done by rightful heirs to the throne. It's an interesting read if anyone wants to know the truth about the "Windsor" family.

  4. Not sure that this is a legit document. Looks more like a practical joke to me. William is known as Wales in the military, so surely he would use that name. His Royal title is not his name, hence my reasoning that this is a bogus document! I believe the true name of the Royal family is in fact Mountbatten.

  5. Their name was originally Battenburg, that was changed to Mountbatten to downplay the German connection, then they took on the name Windsor.


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