Monday, December 23, 2013

Attach Photo or Document to FamilySearch Source

A quality image of an original source has virtually the same evidentiary value as the original and avoids transcription errors so prevalent in derivative sources.

Last week FamilySearch added the ability to attach a photo or document image to a FamilySearch Family Tree source. Use the usual method to create a source. On the person’s page scroll down to the Sources section and click Create a New Source.

Click Create a New Source

The Create a Source page has a new choice for the link to the record. An alternative to “Web Page URL” is “Attach Photo or Document.”

The Create a Source page

Selecting this new choice replaces the text box with the Attach File button.

Select a web page url or attach a photo or document

Click the button to see thumbnails of all your photos and documents. Select one or click the Upload button for a new photo or document.

Attach to Source page

You’re almost finished. You’ve gone to all the trouble of scanning and attaching an image of a source. To preserve its evidentiary value, don’t forget to specify a citation! Sadly, altered images of sources exist (think of the four or five different certificates of President Obama’s birth). Even if you obtained the image second hand, specify where you got it from.

Your sources are the only hope we have of cleaning up FamilySearch Family Tree. Get going!


  1. I see that I can now attach photos and documents to new sources that I create. However, when I edit an existing source there doesn't seem to be any option for attaching photos and documents. The only option is to enter a URL. Will I be able to attach photos and documents to existing sources at some point? I have already entered a lot of sources in Family Tree and would like to attach photos and sources I have uploaded to them. Thanks.

  2. I tried this new feature for a GG-Grandfather, Joseph Munich, KPWD-F7Z. I found the image on a Family History Library film back in 1991, but the current web page source (already attached as a source) does not include the actual image. I scanned my old microfilm printout from 1991 and added it as a photo source.


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