Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Free Ancestry.com Genealogy Toolkit

Ancestry.com Family History ToolkitThis last week, Ancestry.com released a free genealogy toolkit. It is simply a PDF file containing a list of (and links to) free resources offered by Ancestry.com. I’m all over free. Some may lead to free resources that lead to Ancestry.com subscription resources, such as state resource guides. But that should be surprising to no one. Any credible guide to genealogy today is going to end up, sooner or later, pointing you to resources on Ancestry.com’s subscription website.

Here’s a sampling of the available offerings listed in the toolkit:

  • Free Charts & Forms
  • Ancestry Red Book: American State, County & Town Sources (Online reference)
  • Irish Research in the U.S. and Ireland (Free downloadable PDF guide)
  • 5-minute Finds (Short videos)
  • County Look-up

Download your free Ancestry.com genealogy toolkit from http://c.ancestry.com/cs/media/social-research-genealogy-toolkit.pdf.


P.S. Earlier this month I decided that I need to re-balance my weekends. That means less time writing this column and more time in other aspects of my life. The goal is to write no more than two articles each week. There is always so much to write about and I like writing this column so much, we’ll see how well I do.

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  1. Why is the Ancestry toolkit not accessable? I have tried to download it with no luck. The posted website does not work.


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