Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ancestry.com Releases Android Find A Grave App

“We’re in the holiday spirit today so what better way to celebrate that spirit than to announce our official release of the 1.0 version of Find A Grave for Android, free in the Google Play store,” said Michael Lawless of Ancestry.com. “With nearly half of our users having a preference for Android devices, we hope this release will unleash your inner graver.”

Cemetery map from Ancestry.com Find A Grave app for Android  Memorial photos from Ancestry.com Find A Grave app for Android

Read the announcement yourself on the Ancestry.com blog.


  1. And so the rest of us who prefer Apple products are once again left out by Ancestry? Oh well. Maybe someday they will get it.

  2. The app for iPhone came out first. It is in the App store. It is those of us with Androids that had to wait.

  3. Windows Phone late to the party!


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