Thursday, January 22, 2015

FamilySearch Releases More Record Hints

FamilySearch releases new record hints

On 23 December 2014 FamilySearch released new record hints. “Users of the Family Tree may wish to visit their ancestor pages again and see if any new hints are displayed,” said Robert Kehrer, FamilySearch product manager. Unlike’s system which continuously updates record hints (its shaky leaves), FamilySearch record hints are calculated at one point in time and then released to the public. The new release includes 14 million new hints reflecting:

  • new or updated persons in FamilySearch Family Tree
  • new or updated record collections
  • improved algorithms

“In the days since this data release, users have set new daily highs in the number of sources they have attached to the Family Tree and the number of new persons added to the tree from historical records. With the vast number of daily additions to the Family Tree tied to historical documents, the Family Tree is becoming one of the largest and most accurate genealogical trees in the world,” said Kehrer.

For more information, see “More Names Now Available with Family Tree Hinting Updates” on the FamilySearch Blog.


  1. There is a chronic problem with Family Search Tree. Unlimited changes to existing records are not properly controlled. Currently individuals with an account can make changes to existing trees including the deadly deletion of an individual. While these changes are usually beneficial they sometimes are disastrous as performed by undisciplined researchers.

    I have had changes to sourced data I have submitted. When reviewing the changes I have found that some are in error. Not a problem. Just contact the individual and work it out. Wrong!!!!! If the person has no contact information you are up a creek and forced to restore all of the information. I have requested that Familysearch tighten up the requirements for those making changes. Simple. No contact information then no ability to make changes. Should be a high priority issue.

    Continuing to have to waste time correcting invalid changes will discourage submitters from uploading to Familysearch. Can you look into this problem? Thanks.

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