Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Nervous Green Duck, reborn

When the Family Tree Maker (FTM) team saw the original Nervous Green Duck, they loved it and just had to have one of their own. They created one with an FTM theme and the two stood side-by-side for awhile.

But over-exposure made the Nervous Green Duck nervous and he has flown the coop. The Nervous Green Insider blamed us (his staff) for failing to recognize that some blog readers do not honor the hidden attribute we used on the duck's image, exposing him to discovery and ridicule. (We weren't sure if he were speaking of himself or the duck.)

Regardless, the Insider blamed us and we are sorry--for ourselves, not for the duck. You see, the Insider made us create animated images to replace the ones that were lost. Duck 1 shows the rejection of the old corporate name and image. Duck 2, the new FTM image. With no further ado, here's our versions of... "the Nervous Green Duck."

Quack Quack!!!! Quack Quack!!!!
The Ancestry Insider's version of the Nervous Green Duck
Quack!! Quack!!

The Insider Staff gratefully acknowledges the original creator(s) of The Nervous Green Duck, which can no longer be seen at the website, http://www.nervousgreenduck.com/.

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