Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Bloglines Plumber

At the moment, Bloglines is the Ancestry Insider's blog reader of choice. He doesn't like Bloglines stripping out his fantastic new web design (which he freely stole from a Blogspot template). But he loves the ability to read all his news online and to mix and mash together regular feeds from blogs, groups and email lists. And it has custom support for Yahoo and Google groups. And you can accept and display emails from email-only sources. (That's especially cool.) But I digress.

You all know the Insider's penchant for humor. While readers express more positive responses to his non-humor pieces, he persists if only for his own enjoyment. Plus, he wants to be the Genealogue when he grows up. Or at least be quoted by him. But I digress. Again.

Click to see the Bloglines Plumber
Click on the Bloglines Plumber
to see the full image with text

One doesn't often enjoy getting one of those annoying server-down messages. That's when online apps and net-terminals lose their sex appeal. Oops. Digressing again.

Well last Saturday the Insider enjoyed for the first time a server down message. The Insider applauds Bloglines for their use of humor on their server-down page. We're quite sure with this buildup you'll be disappointed. But go ahead and click the Bloglines plumber photo above to see him in full-size glory.

[Dear Mr. Merritt, As the Insider's 11th grade English teacher, we wanted to apologize to you for the frequent shift between I and we in the above piece. The Insider: he writes bad.   — The Staff]

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