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Beta Test New FamilySearch Affiliates

New FamilySearch (NFS) will support an Application Programming Interface (API) which lets affiliates and partners create programs and websites that access NFS, talk to it, download data from it, upload data to it, synchronize desktop genealogy data with it and even add features to it.  FamilySearch and affiliates are doing a beta test from Oct 22 to Nov 14. If you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have spare time during that period, you should consider becoming a beta tester.


If you wish to volunteer to beta test FamilyInsight from Ohana Software, makers of PAF Insight, read this message, posted by John Vilburn on the PAF Insight email group:

Subject: FamilyInsight (formerly PAF Insight) beta test
Date: Thu Sep 27, 2007 3:12 pm
From: John Vilburn < john@ohanasoftware >

We will be beta testing FamilyInsight starting in mid to late October. Users of PAF Insight will find it very familiar because it is the next generation of PAF Insight, with a new name.

Specifically, we will be testing the new function that synchronizes your PAF data with the new FamilySearch. The testing will take about 3 weeks. You do not have to reside in an area where the new FamilySearch has been rolled out. So, for those who don't have the new FamilySearch in their area, this will also be an opportunity to get some first-hand experience with what it will offer.

If you would like to participate in this beta test, please send an email to beta@ohanasoftware indicating your interest. At this time the new FamilySearch is only available to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, so you must be a member to participate in this test.

John Vilburn
Ohana Software LLC

Ancestral Quest

If you wish to volunteer to beta test a new version of Ancestral Quest that talks to New FamilySearch, read this message from Gaylon Findlay from the makers of Ancestral Quest, Incline Software:

From: Gaylon Findlay <>
Subject: [PAF-5] Beta Test Ancestral Quest with FamilySearch
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 13:28:54 -0600


We are looking for testers for some new features in Ancestral Quest. Let me provide a little background to help you understand the nature of these enhancements.

As many of you know by now, the LDS Church has been developing a new web-based system to, as they have stated, replace TempleReady. Many rumors have abounded around whether PAF would be updated to work with this new system. Our understanding is that while PAF 5 will remain a supported product by the Church for the foreseeable future, it will remain as is. The Church has invited various commercial companies to provide programs and utilities to enhance PAF 5 and provide a means whereby PAF users can synchronize their data with the new FamilySearch system.

Ancestral Quest, from which PAF 5 was derived, is being updated now to interface with the new FamilySearch. It will allow a PAF 5 user to upload .paf data to FamilySearch, and to update the .paf data from FamilySearch. So a PAF user will be able to continue to use PAF 5, and use Ancestral Quest as a tool to handle the interface with FamilySearch. Because PAF is so similar to Ancestral Quest, we expect that after a time, users may decide to discontinue use of PAF 5, allowing Ancestral Quest to do all that PAF did for them, plus handle the interface to FamilySearch all in one program. But they will have the option of continuing to use PAF 5 and other utilities developed to enhance PAF 5.

Incline Software, the producer of Ancestral Quest, is looking for beta testers to test the new features of Ancestral Quest which provide the interface between the .paf database and the new FamilySearch system. While this could change, the Church has currently set a time period of October 22 - November 14 to do the testing. Because the new FamilySearch system is only available at this time to members of the LDS Church, only members will be able to participate in this test.

If you would like to test the new features of AQ that provide an interface between the PAF database and the new FamilySearch, and you have time to test during the test period mentioned above, and you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, please send an e-mail to to confirm your interest.

Thank you,
Gaylon Findlay
Incline Software

For more information about the NFS API program, including a list of other affiliates that might be looking for beta testers, check out Renee's Genealogy Blog article, "Interfacing with NFS - Part One."

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  1. While I've seen no mention of a Legacy beta test, Russell Hltn has confirmed that they will be a New FamilySearch Affiliate and their free edition will be able to synchronize with NFS.

    -- The Insider


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