Sunday, September 30, 2007

New FamilySearch Coming to You!

It's been a bit since I've updated on the status of the New FamilySearch (NFS) rollout. Forgive me if you've read all this before.

Rollout Timeline

The order of the rollout still garners lots of curiosity. Official FamilySearch policy is that the list not be shared. "Part of the reason is they don't want people to desert their temple district to go somewhere there is the new stuff," said Robert on FHCNET.

To see an an example timeline for the rollout of New FamilySearch in a temple district, read a letter by Miles Meyer. To see what the login page looks like, go to You can try to register, but until your district is rolling, you will get an error message. (See this source.)

October Schedule

In fact, the rollout may be temporarily on hold while some bugs are worked out, according to a FamilySearch Support rep.

Assuming no delays, here are the upcoming releases that we know about: Las Vegas was not online by 25 Sep 2007 as "announced." Doris Fenton has "been told" that Bismark, North Dakota should be online by 18 October 2007. Albuquerque, New Mexico is scheduled for either 13 October 2007 or 23 October 2007, depending on who you ask. Cardston is scheduled for 30 October 2007. Grace Bagwell "was told" that Denver is scheduled for April 2008.

NFS Announced for Wasatch Front

Clair Quilter wondered if the upcoming training for Salt Lake, Bountiful, and Jordan River Temple Districts means that New FamilySearch is coming. Yes. Someday, Clair, someday. Many sources have confirmed that the Wasatch front will be last. At the BYU genealogy conference a presenter said they hoped to roll out to 6 or 7 temples a week after the first of the year. They're trying to get it to the Wasatch Front by July 2008. I expect that will slip to October Conference.

To keep up with the latest rollout information, subscribe to the Ancestry Insider and bookmark the Insider's article, "Temple Districts Using New FamilySearch."

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