Monday, April 28, 2008

Ancestry Poised to Release DNA Groups

Participants in Relative Genetics DNA Groups received notification recently that Ancestry is ready to move their DNA Group projects from the Relative Genetics website to the DNA Ancestry website. This is scheduled to occur on 30-April-2008. The Relative Genetics website will remain available through 1-July-2008, although any changes made there in May will not be replicated to the Ancestry website.

The notification noted that

  • The DNA Ancestry groups will start out with just one project administrator. Co-admins must join the project after which they can be given administrator status.
  • Default privacy settings will show your name in match results unless you login and change the privacy settings to anonymous.
  • Relative Genetics customers that have opted out of the transfer to DNA Ancestry are shown in the member list as "opt out #". No other information about these individuals will be transferred to DNA Ancestry.
  • Only projects with 3 or more members will be transferred.
  • Participants are recommended to export their project prior to the migration as a personal backup.

This will complete the transition from Relative Genetics to DNA Ancestry that began back in June-2007.

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