Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Ancestry Insider Revealed

Ancestry Employees Get First Look (Take 2)

Following up on my original post last week, residents of Utah Valley got their first hint of a new project under development. The Generations Network employees were seen over the weekend sporting new T-shirts we received in appreciation for the first week of alpha testing. On the front, the shirts have either "Luke, I indexed your father" or "Are you the key master?". The reverse side has the Ancestry.com logo followed by the words, "World Archives Project."

So while I can't fill in all the blanks yet, here's last week's post partially filled in.

This [21-April-2008] Tim Sullivan introduced Generations Network employees to the World Archives Project, Ancestry's name for its v________ indexing initiative....

Understanding that things could change before its release, here's what it currently looks like:

[---STAY TUNED---]

For comparison, here's the FamilySearch Indexing program:

FamilySearch Indexing program

The slogan for Ancestry's World Archives Project is ____ __ ____ ___ _____'_ _______ _____. ... To illustrate the concept visually, the company has some p_______ with the p_____ r______. Here's an example:

[---STAY TUNED---]

Congratulations to Randy Seaver for interpreting the clues and figuring out the gist of my post. Stay tuned as this story unfolds.

The Ancestry Insider Unveiled

After the Ancestry Insider spotlighted the staff of Family Tree Magazine, assistant editor Grace Dobush wrote,

Wow, thanks for writing about us! But now we're really curious—what do you look like Simpsonized?

Well, I wouldn't do this for just anyone. And I've not had very good luck with the Simpsonize Me website. But after realizing my pseudonym was more famous than I, it felt like the time had come to unveil my likeness.

So without further ado...

So, for anyone out there who happens to know what the non-Simpsonized me looks like, what do you think? Does it look like me or no? Stop by my blog and vote in the poll in the right-hand column.


  1. The likeness of your "Simpson" is great! It's a dead give away for an employee at TGN.

    Of course, the Ancestry Press team has known for some time who you are. ;)

  2. Thanks for the likeness...now if I ever get to Utah I will have a choice between going to the FHL or standing outside TGN HQ and trying to figure out which employee is the AI. Tough choice - but i'm sure i'll make the smart one!

    You will always be the AI to me, even if we knowe your name!

    Cheers -- Randy

  3. It really does look like you. When I was trying to figure out your true identity this Simpsonize version of you would of been the deciding factor.

  4. Nice suspenders, now who is the only ancestry employee to wear suspenders?

  5. Hah, that is a pretty good likeness!

  6. Whaddya know! The Ancestry Insider is ___e___ __a___! Wow. To think that I used to share a cubicle wall with the AI!

  7. I have a question about software. I have been using Roots 111 to Roots 5 from 1990 to now. I am very happy with it. But now I am changing to a big computer with Vista and not sure if my Roots programs and records will be accepted by the new software on the laptop. Who owns Roots now? Who would I call? Thank you


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