Sunday, April 27, 2008


When I debuted my fall-themed header on the blog website, I intended on changing it with each season. But autumn turned to winter and I never got a winter scene composed. Spring is now displacing winter and the blossoms and buds in Utah Valley are completely enthralling. Inspired, yesterday morning I set about creating a new website header.

While I can no longer hold a camera steady, I took camera and tripod into the yard and took some pictures of the beautiful new green on the Elm tree and the awesome blossoms on our Bradford Pear. I had my wife help me take pictures of her friend's pink plum blossoms to add some color. Today I put it all together and the website now sports my new spring-themed header. If you get a moment and you can keep your expectations low, stop by and take a look.

My Secret Identity

I had a sobering thought today. If I should reveal my real name here, it would mean nothing to any of you. If I were to publish my photo, none of you would recognise me! The few people—coworkers, family and friends—that would know me by name or face already know I'm the Ancestry Insider. My pseudonym is more famous than I am!

That put the ego where it belongs.

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