Monday, September 15, 2008

New FamilySearch 0.94 Released

I just noticed that New FamilySearch 0.94 has rolled live! I'm on my lunch break, so I'll have to be brief.

This is nerve wracking. As I told the attendees of my presentation at the UGA conference Saturday, we (the public) should know quickly whether this release will be sufficient for any of the temples on hold to go live. I imagine notifications could go out as early as tonight. If no one in Idaho, Utah or Vegas hears anything by the end of the month, I'll be greatly disappointed.

Let me know as soon as you hear anything.

In the mean time, to read about the changes in 0.94, go to and click on the tree icon on the right side under News and Updates.


  1. I transcribed many, many, many records on the Familysearch labs side so I tried to log in to the link above of the new FamilySearch 0.94 site and found I had to register for that side. Okay, no big deal....until I got to this part that said,

    "If I'm not a member of the Church, can I register?
    This release of the new FamilySearch is a limited release for Church members only."

    I have done so much transcribing for them and I can't access the site because I am not a member of their church? This is the thanks we get? They want our help transcribing for free and we can't access the new site? Gee, will I continue to transcribe? Definitely not.

  2. Carolynne,

    The New FamilySearch website is an online replacement for TempleReady, which members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints use when arranging to have ancestor families sealed together in the Church's temples. It has none of the results from your hard work.

    Some of the results of your many, many extractions are available today at This is just a pilot of Record Search. When scaling and user interface issues have been resolved, it will be rolled out to the website and will contain all the records that have been extracted.

    New FamilySearch will eventually be extended beyond being a vehicle for religious purposes and is envisioned to be a universal, shared common pedigree. You can consider members of the Church to be unfortunate alpha testers of that system. Many are so frustrated with the current state of the product that they refuse to use it until glaring problems are worked out. When it is ready for public release, it too will be moved to the website.

    Sorry for the confusion. Please consider continuing to transcribe, either for FamilySearch or for

    -- The Insider

  3. Carolynne - You need to be patient. New FamilySearch is still in beta version and isn't even live for all the LDS Church. Once it is live for all the LDS Church members it will also be released for the general population.
    Access wil be free to all and special access to records indexed and images posted will be granted to all those, in and out of the Church, who have done the indexing. You may have to wait a while but the wait will be worth it. Plus, everyone will benefit from your efforts to index records. You should reconsider quitting.
    I fully agree with the Ancestry Insider, you should be glad you can't get into it yet as those of us who can are stuck with cleaning it up. Hopefully your lines will get cleaned up before you get there.

  4. new FamilySearch is not the records from the Indexing Program, they are located at the Record Search web site at

    The records in new FamilySearch are the same records that are available at the FamilySeach web site on the IGI, Ancestral File, and Pedigree Resource File. Those databases along with some Temple file databases have all been combined into one database and all the duplicate records for each person are being filed in to one folder then organized in to pedigrees. Members of the church are preforming this combining work right now while the program is being developed. Once the program is ready it will be added to FamilySearch and will be made available to everyone, it will be called Family Tree. Most LDS Members in Utah and Idaho do not have access to this database yet because it is being released in phases.

    Others can still access these names same names at the FamilySearch web site at in the seperate databases there. This new program will help people find names better because they will all be linked together.


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