Thursday, May 7, 2009

Too Old for New FamilySearch?

Some interesting thoughts were posted to FHCNET recently about learning the New FamilySearch program.

Joan Raney of North Carolina lamented that a couple in their 70s contacted her, asking how hard New FamilySearch is. "She thinks she is too old to learn."

Laura Scott of Florida responded, "I am 78 and learning every day." With a smile, she added, "[I] have to, as I am forgetting a lot too."

Aurale Huff of Texas, "81 and counting!" praised the new features in New FamilySearch (NFS) that help her submit genealogy for temple work. She counseled, "[You are] never too old if you truly want to learn!" Huff points out that users can use NFS, even if they have no computer, by going to a family history center (FHC). She also points out that NFS has a helper feature that allows others to help you out. Still, she's glad she took the time to learn the new system because "it is such fun to do our own."

For more information about NFS's Helper Feature, see the Ancestry Insider's recent article on the topic.


  1. For those who believe they are too old to work with nFS, or computers in general, I suggest stopping by the Family History Library in SLC and check out the ages of the volunteers (missionaries) there. These folks are adept at assisting patrons (many who are decades younger than the volunteers) in learning and using the various computers and programs.
    Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, CG
    Riverside County, Calif.

  2. You're never too old to learn new things! Sometimes, you'll even discover that technology that you were initially wary of and didn't think you could understand is actually wonderful, easy to use, and makes your life easier (I'm in my 30's and found this out about the iPod, after my initial confusion about what exactly it was supposed to do).

    Stephanie at the Irish Genealogical Research blog


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