Monday, May 25, 2009

Using Product Support to learn about the Family Tree Project

Screen images illustrating use of Product Support Help

Follow the steps below, as illustrated above, to use FamilySearch Product Support Help to learn more about the Family Tree Project. Start at .

  1. Move the mouse pointer to the word “Help” on the FamilySearch web page. (This is called hovering.) Notice a drop-down menu appears with two items: Help and Product Support.
  2. Click on Product Support to go to the Product Support page.
  3. Click in the box in the middle of the page. Then type “Family Tree Project”. Of course, if you were interested in a different topic, one could type a different subject or question.
  4. Click the Ask button under the box.
  5. Look at the Search Results. Underneath each result is a “Published” date (formatted ambiguously, unfortunately). Look for the set of articles published “5/22/09” or scan through the results for the article titled, “Introduction to the Family Tree Project.”

While the dates are currently “Published 5/22/09”, that could change; when I started this article the articles were “Published 5/12/09”. But if you find the Introduction article, you can use the links in the articles to move about the set.

In an accompanying article, we’ll explore what new discoveries I found while learning about the Family Tree Project.

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