Thursday, July 9, 2009

Come See Me At The BYU Conference

BYU 2009 Conference on Family History and Genealogy

At the Disneyland Resort, one attraction invites park visitors to discover what Disney cartoon character best matches their personality (I’m Jiminy Cricket). One question used in the evaluation is,

Would you rather have lunch with nice people or have nice people for lunch?

Well, it seems I’m on the lunch menu Wednesday (29 July 2009) of the BYU 2009 Conference on Family History and Genealogy. The schedule for the four day conference only shows a lunch speaker on one day. And it’s me! How weird is that? I don’t feel like I’m any different than any of you kind folks that say such nice things to me when we get to talk with each other at conferences.

They’re not calling it a keynote, mind you. That would be weird. There is a classroom map on the BYU Conference Center website. I’ll be presenting in room 2258, according to the Quick Glance Schedule. I wonder how this will work. Will it be a lunch area where people bring sack lunches? Will there be food items for purchase? Will people be wandering in and out, like a mall eatery? This could be scary!

I hope to see some friendly faces there in support!


  1. Insider,

    That is a very full schedule and it seems to have an amazing variety of presentations. I am curious as to whether you know if those talks are recorded and available for purchase later?


  2. Mike,

    I don't believe they record sessions. I haven't been contacted for permission, and I don't recall ever seeing recording equipment in sessions in past years.

    However, many if not most presenters prepare something for an entire year's cycle of conferences and they present essentially the same session throughout the year. You can probably find some of the presentations recorded from other conferences, such as the Southern California Jamboree, the St. George Expo, or NGS.

    -- The Insider

  3. Insider,

    The NGS site gives a link to a company called jamb-inc that is supposed to sell tapes of conference lectures from NGS and other conferences. But there is a problem with that site now, which can be found here:

    It now appears only to deal with financial stuff. But a cached version found here:

    has a link to genealogy. But when one trys to click on a link there to get a spreadsheet listing of tapes from a conference, the url instead resolves to the main url which now of course has no genealogy link.

    I hope that upcoming conference directors are not counting on this company to record.


  4. Just a note that the jamb website now appears to be working and the financial product site no longer shows up.

    My question now is whether CDs are available as it looks like only tapes.


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