Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Triple Nine Day


Today is 9/9/09. What will you do to celebrate? Here are nine ideas:

     9. Make nine toasts to nine of your ancestors.

     8. Listen to “Revolution 9” on your new CD copy of the 1968 Beatles album (forwards or backwards) or play 9 games of Beatles Rock Band.

     7. Figure out which of your ancestors has an ahnentafel number of nine.

     6. Look up which football team was ranked #9 in the AP poll yesterday. ;-)

     5. Write a compare-and-contrast essay about supreme court justices and the Nazgûl.

     4. Find the person in your genealogy database with the most nines in their birth date.

     3. Do some research for any ancestor in generation number nine (your 6th-great grandparents) or your 9th-great grandparents (generation number twelve).

     2. Do something significant at 9:09AM and 9:09PM and record it in your journal, diary, blog, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

     1. And the number one way to celebrate triple nine day: just say “Nein” to triple-nine celebrations.


  1. If the answer is 9W what's the question?

  2. OK, I'll answer my own question. It's:

    Do you spell your name with a V, Herr Wagner?

    BTW, There's no number 9 in my Ahnentafel --- just a bunch of mortar from a brick wall.

  3. And although it's now 9:45, both clock hands would be on the Nine. :)


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