Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Triple Nine Day


Today is 9/9/09. What will you do to celebrate? Here are nine ideas:

     9. Make nine toasts to nine of your ancestors.

     8. Listen to “Revolution 9” on your new CD copy of the 1968 Beatles album (forwards or backwards) or play 9 games of Beatles Rock Band.

     7. Figure out which of your ancestors has an ahnentafel number of nine.

     6. Look up which football team was ranked #9 in the AP poll yesterday. ;-)

     5. Write a compare-and-contrast essay about supreme court justices and the Nazg├╗l.

     4. Find the person in your genealogy database with the most nines in their birth date.

     3. Do some research for any ancestor in generation number nine (your 6th-great grandparents) or your 9th-great grandparents (generation number twelve).

     2. Do something significant at 9:09AM and 9:09PM and record it in your journal, diary, blog, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

     1. And the number one way to celebrate triple nine day: just say “Nein” to triple-nine celebrations.


  1. If the answer is 9W what's the question?

  2. OK, I'll answer my own question. It's:

    Do you spell your name with a V, Herr Wagner?

    BTW, There's no number 9 in my Ahnentafel --- just a bunch of mortar from a brick wall.

  3. And although it's now 9:45, both clock hands would be on the Nine. :)