Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Really, Really Near Future of NFS

Common login is gradually coming to all FamilySearch websites
Common login, included in the March release of NFS,
is gradually coming to all FamilySearch websites

FamilySearch product managers, Ron Tanner and Tim Cross, talked about an imminent release of New FamilySearch (NFS) in their presentations at the South Davis Family History Fair and the St. George Family History Expo, respectively.

FamilySearch took five years to release the first version of the NFS tree in 2007. It took another 1.5 years for the next release. After Tanner came to FamilySearch, they decided to do a release every three months. FamilySearch has succeeded in that endeavor. That means instead of big changes, you’ll see lots of smaller changes.

The February release of the NFS tree is about a month behind. It was a little more than a week ago that Tanner thought it might be ready for release in about a week. Let’s see… Subtract a week… Add a week… Carry the one… Round down… If my math is correct then the February release should be available when you read this. If not, then… uh… it might be ready in about a week.

The née February March release has these “smaller” changes:

  • It includes the common sign-in that FamilySearch intends to implement across all its websites.
  • Family Tree view now includes Go To self
    Family Tree view now includes Go to... self
  • The Go to… button in the Family Tree view is pre-populated with the user’s name, making it easy to return to the user.
  • GEDCOM upload checks for duplicates.
  • GEDCOM upload no longer automatically reserves all ordinances, but gives the option per individual.
  • When you move away from the Me and My Ancestors tab and come back, the Family Tree view looks the way it did when you left it.
  • The IOUS-prevention limit has been increased from 150 to 250.
  • The automatic logout time has been upped from 20 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Many new products have been certified since the last release. To see the current list, click here.

Tune in next time when I will talk about the near future of NFS.


  1. Woohoo! So excited by the increase in the timeout limit from 20 to 60 minutes! As the mom of 3 little ones I've been having to sign in again constantly. :)


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