Wednesday, July 28, 2010

101 Best Free Websites for 2010

101bestwebsites2010 Family Tree Magazine’s September 2010 issue announced their choices for the 101 best websites of the year. This year magazine editors chose to highlight free websites—or at least those that don’t charge for the website’s primary offering.

As the size of the World Wide Web grows boundlessly, I don’t envy the job Family Tree Magazine’s editors face each year. Here’s a brief zip through their categories, with some comments and a couple of additions of my own. Click on the category name to see all the sites on their list.

Best Big Genealogy Sites

Best Records Resources

  • Did you know that not all the free Google newspapers are accessible via the Google News Archive Search webpage? I don’t think that page returns results for the Salt Lake City, Utah Deseret News historic archive, even though it is powered by Google. It contains images of issues from 15 June 1850 to 30 December 1988. The archive includes The Church News insert, which included ministerial appointments for Latter-day Saint congregations (wards and stakes).

Best US Government Sites

Best Sites for Eastern US Research

Best Sites for Western US Research

Best Canadian Resources

Best Sites for African-American Roots

Best History Sites

Best Sites for Immigrant Research

Best for Great Britain and Ireland

Best Sites for Continental Europe

Best Social Networking Sites

Best High-Tech Tools

  1790* 1820* 1850 1880* 1910
  1800* 1830* 1860 1890* 1920
  1810* 1840 1870 1900 1930
          *Not yet available
  • The Ancestry Insider – Wow! This is an honor. Or a typo. Probably the latter. Seriously, Family Tree Magazine editors provided me early encouragement. Their continued support means a great deal.

As does yours.

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  1. I just have a question. The BYU family History books site used to have about 60,000 books digitized and searchable online. Now it has just 17,000. Were they removed or just moved to another web site? Was it a copyright problem?


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