Friday, July 9, 2010

Go Vote… Today!

National Archives Website

The NARA website is getting a new look. Want to give your input? Voting ends this week! For more information or to cast your vote, click here.

Click a thumbnail to see a larger PDF image of the design.

Design A
NARA website redesign proposal A
Design B
Design C
Design D

FamilySearch Wiki

Speaking of new designs, as the FamilySearch Wiki prepares to move into the beta website, it also is getting a new look. Give feedback on a forum or on the wiki.

Click a thumbnail to open the page in your browser.

Old state design
Old state design
New state design
New state design
Old country design
Old country design
New country design
New country design

National Archives Wiki

Speaking of wikis… and speaking of the National Archives… The National Archives has started a wiki “for researchers, educators, genealogists, and Archives staff to share information and knowledge about the records of the National Archives and about their research.” Their wiki is located at:

For more information, click here. Wiki

Not to be outdone, has launched their own wiki. This is one of the many NGS conference news items I’m trying to get to. Blame David Rencher. His NGS session inspired my evidence management series, which has kept me busy. But I digress…

In its wiki, has released two powerhouse genealogy references that together list for over $100: The Red Book and The Source

Wow! The only thing better would be if they were free.

Oh! Wait! The wiki is free! Check it out at:

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  1. More "stuff" to read,when do I have time? But I'll be checking them out. It's always good to see references to what other genealogists are reading.


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