Friday, February 15, 2013

Over a 1,000 Live People in SSDI Each Month

Social Security Administration
Image credit: WFLA 8, Tampa, FL
A coworker pointed me to this news story.

“Every month over a thousand living people are listed by Social Security as dead, according to an investigation by WFLA 8 (Tampa, Florida).” The results are disastrous. Credit cards stop working. Pensions stop coming. Insurance is cancelled.

See the video at


  1. Sorry your link did not work. Said it was to Yahoo news so I searched that, but that link was not available anymore. Would like to read the article if you can find it. Thanks.

  2. Here's the YouTube capture.

    1. Thanks, that was very interesting, since it hasn't happened to me. It would be a nightmare if it did.

  3. Thank you for getting me to look at yahoo again. But I also could not find the link in your letter.

  4. Hello,
    The link you gave was no longer working; I found the video on the news network you mentioned:

    Hopefully others can watch it with this.
    Thanks for your informative blog!
    Julie Monson

  5. Thanks all. I've updated the link to


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