Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RootsTech Early Bird Sleeps In

The Ancestry Insidere is an official RootsTech bloggerRootsTech just announced that Early Bird pricing has been extended to 22 February 2013. As they continue to entice more people to sign up, I’m really hoping they don’t over book the conference. I really hate packing into a session with tightly spaced chairs wired together and then trying to take notes on a laptop with my elbows hanging over the laps of the two people adjoining me.

As long as I’m in a complaining mood, let me say another thing. I don’t know about you, but I’m lost in all the options of RootsTech’s pricing. Here’s the latest.

Full Conference:





  Student $39  
  LDS Family History Consultant $99  
  “Early Bird” $149 Extended to 22 February 2013
  “Last Chance” $179 16 March 2013
  The chance after the last chance $219  

Then there are a myriad of additional options:





  LDS Family History Consultant training only Free Registration URL was provided in an email to consultants
  The Leonardo Thursday night social $10  
  Story Telling Friday night event  Free Limited to the first 150 people
  Various lunch events $25 Some already sold out
  Getting Started classes
Single day pass*
  Getting Started classes
3 day pass
$49 $39 early bird price
  All classes
Single day pass*
  Story@Home Combo Pass $89 $79 early bird price
  Developer Day $89 Just for software developers
  * Fewer sessions available    

The options are complex enough, the RootsTech website gives this table:


While the early bird keeps sleeping in, he’ll fly away eventually. Sign up now.

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