Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RootsTech Kansas City?

Jen Baldwin made an interesting post on the Conference Keeper Facebook page not long ago:

Jen Baldwin post about RootsTech Kansas City

It points to this website:

RootsTech Kansas City website

Cooperation or competition? The logo matches the official RootsTech logo. The dates match the final two days of the RootsTech conference.

The only official notice on the RootsTech website is that a Kansas City rice medley will be served at the Thursday luncheon.

P.S. I re-checked today and the website is gone!

On a related note?

I’ve been asked if some of the sessions will be broadcast this year as they have been in the past. I checked and found that, yes, some will be. The schedule will not likely be released until the week of RootsTech.


  1. This came up on another facebook page a week or two back (sorry I don't remember exactly where) and someone "in the know" said it was an event where a group of people would be getting together to watch the live streaming from RootsTech.

    I guess they hadn't made the needed arrangements with RootsTech to be able to promote it in such a way.


  2. A web address to sign up for the free conference in Kansas City is

  3. Here's the official link:

  4. Did some digging this AM: Official Website: Only affiliated with RootsTech because it is live streaming the broadcasted sessions. It's free for area targeted family researchers. Sponsored by LDS.


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