Thursday, June 19, 2014 Attacked by Zombies

DDoS users have been from annoyed to outraged the past several days because has been in and out of commission. On their Facebook page disclosed that they are under a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Imagine a little boy with a pea shooter. Every couple of seconds he hits you with a pea. It would be distracting, but life would go on. Now image someone organizing a thousand little boys to each shoot a pea at you every second. Doing genealogy would be difficult or nearly impossible. Now image each little boy could shoot 10 megapeas per second at you. You would cease to function. That’s what’s been happening to since around 12:30pm PT on Monday, only with bits instead of peas, and with bigger numbers, and with zombies instead of little boys.

Seriously. Zombies. Let me explain…

Oops. I’m out of time. I’ll explain more when I get a chance—probably next week.


  1. Right - and those zombies may be, unbeknownst to Ancestry users.....

  2. LOVE!!! And note that they are boy zombies . . . . just sayin'.

  3. If you continue to experience difficulties opening, you may want to clear your web browser's cache and cookies. Worked for me.


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