Friday, December 5, 2014

“Keep Me. Protect Me. Share Me.”

This was a fun find. I recently came across the inspiration for FamilySearch’s Photos campaign. FamilySearch adapted a Kodak commercial, pretty much verbatim. Script is the same. Setting is the same. Cinematography is the same. Dialogue is the same. The shots are the same. Music is similar. Actors are similar. Bands of white and corporate color above and below the video is the same. Don’t worry; I contacted FamilySearch and they say they got all the necessary permissions.

Adult: This way… This way…
Child: Whoa. This place is huge…

Child: How many pictures are here?

Child: Millions?

Adult: More

Child: Billions?

Shipley Munson cameo in FamilySearch ad

Adult: Listen. Can you hear them?
Child: Hear what?
Adult: Just listen.
Child: I can’t hear anything.

Adult: The pictures! They’re talking!

Child: The pictures are talking?
Adult: Yah, but you have to be quiet. You have to be very, very quiet. And you can hear them.
Child: What are they saying?
Adult: They’re saying “Keep me.”
Child: They’re saying “keep me?”
Adult: Protect me.
Child: Protect me?
Adult: Share me.
Child: Share me.
Adult: Keep me. Protect me. Share me. And I will live forever.

Child: I can hear them.
Child: I can hear them too.

Child: This place is cool.
Child: What’s this place called?
Adult: We call it [Kodak][FamilySearch]. Where families live forever.
Child: [Kodak.][FamilySearch. Cool.]
Child: Keep me. Protect me. Share me.

Kodak ad:
FamilySearch ad:


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