Friday, April 3, 2015

Insider Ketchup: 3 April 2015

Ancestry Insider KetchupThere’s too much to write about and I have no time! Time to ketchup…

What’s New on FamilySearch—March 2015

“Each month, FamilySearch publishes a list of new changes and updates to the FamilySearch website. This list includes changes to Family Tree as well as other parts of FamilySearch.” Many of the changes mentioned in the early March list related to adding consistency among photos, stories, documents, and audio. It also mentioned making the website and mobile applications more consistent. FamilySearch mentioned that images can now be up to 15 MB in size, and they have added TIF and BMP file types in addition to JPG and PNG. Read the entire March Part 1 article on the FamilySearch blog.

The “What’s New on—March 2015: Part 2” article mentions:

  • New landscape pedigree view, which is not being released to everyone at once. (This caused a little stir as I taught a class last week and one student’s screen looked differently than what I was demonstrating upfront.)
  • Updated Genealogies Pages. See my “Enhancements to FamilySearch’s Personal Trees.” I hadn’t noticed the rearrangable columns.
  • Dismiss suggestions and problem icons on Family Tree
  • Mark a Hint as “Not a Match”
  • Discussions are kept when persons are merged
  • was shut down

Read the entire March Part 2 article on the FamilySearch blog.

FamilySearch Indexing Numbers

A recent FamilySearch Indexing Newsletter shared these numbers:

  • 1,303,151,011 - Total Records Completed
  • 24,032,335 - Records Awaiting Arbitration
  • 380 - Current Projects
  • 31,800,258 - Total Records Completed in 2015
  • 113,550 - Total Contributors in 2015

Ack! I’m out of time!

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