Thursday, June 11, 2015 News Ketchup for 10 June 2015 Leaf logoAncestry Insider KetchupI have no time. I’m way behind on articles. Time to ketchup…


Ancestry has posted vital records from the state of Virginia. See “Virginia Vital Records Are Here!” on the Ancestry Blog. FamilySearch’s Dennis Brimhall announced at RootsTech that FamilySearch had partnered with Ancestry to do Virginia vital records. See my article, “RootsTech and FGS2015 Opening Session.”

Bullet Ancestry.comI noticed this week that Ancestry is a corporate partner of NAPHSIS, the National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems. Ancestry made a presentation at the 2015 annual meeting in Pittsburgh last week. I heard it went really well.

Bullet Ancestry.comAncestry is testing a new website: AncestryHealth. The concept is to offer a free website to “trace health conditions along family lines and get customized information on risks and prevention.” The website is capable of printing reports for sharing with one’s doctor or family. If you already have an Ancestry Member Tree, it will automatically utilize a private copy of it. Otherwise, you can enter your family information. Then you can add health conditions that run in your family, as well as personal habits that affect health, such as smoking, diet, and exercise. The website presents  information from experts about the health concerns you’ve indicated and steps that can be taken to reduce your risks.

Bullet Ancestry.comAncestryDNA is now available in Australia and New Zealand. With expanding coverage in the United Kingdom and Ireland, AncestryDNA can become a powerful tool for those in Australia and New Zealand with British and Irish ancestry. See “AncestryDNA is Now Available in Australia and New Zealand” on the Ancestry Blog.

Bullet Ancestry.comIn a six minute video, AncestryDNA scientist Ross Curtis explains the science behind their ethnicity estimates. Learn why your results can look so different than a sibling’s. Watch the YouTube video, “Breaking Down the Science Behind AncestryDNA Ethnicity Results.”

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  1. The ancestry health is only a rewrite of the information you have given to ancestry. They will sell it to 3rd parties. BEWARE!!

  2. I wonder how long this program will hang around (AncestryHealth) ...I suppose it depends on exactly what this new site entails BUT the FDA shut down the health portion of 23andme ---claiming they were giving medical advice---One would hope is acutely aware of those issues. Either way I won't give 23andme OR MY health data. Insurance companies keep detailed file on your health data and they rely on such things to deny you various types of coverage. Since right now health insurance cannot turn you down for health insurance, this may not be as much of a problem as it was previously BUT those insurance files can also be used to deny you life insurance. JMHO I would recommend keeping your health info between you and your Doctor. BTW any DNA tests done by your doctor for medical conditions can get into that insurance be aware of that before letting your Dr do DNA for potential health conditions. Unless it is really necessary you may want to think really hard before letting your physician doing DNA testing for health issues. I believe it is possible to find out what data the insurance companies have in your file but I am not sure how to go about that.


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