Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Global Family Reunion

The Global Family ReunionNearly 4,000 people showed up at the Global Family Reunion in New York City on 6 June 2015. Thousands attended the associated block party at the Salt Lake City Family History Library. (See “Salt Lake City Joins Global Family Reunion, Celebrating Family History” in the Deseret News.) Recordings of several presentations at the Reunion are now available online:

  • Gallery Session 1:
    Bennett Greenspan (“DNA and You”),
    Ron Arons (31:32 – “Black Sheep”)
  • Gallery Session 2:
    Gilad Japhet (“Amazing Family Tales”),
    Pamela Weisberger (29:00 – “Family, Scandals & Secrets”),
    Josh Taylor (1:00:00 – “Hollywood & Family”)
  • Gallery Session 3:
    CeCe Moore (“Power of DNA”)
    Pamela Weisberger & Jordan Auslander (32:35 – Game Show Quiz – extensive technical difficulties)
  • Gallery Session 4:
    Maud Newton (“The Ancestry Craze”)
    Sister Sledge (36:10 – “World, Rise and Shine”)
    Sister Sledge (40:44 - “We Are Family”)
    Sister Sledge at the Global Family Reunion
    Randy Whited (1:24:53 “The Future is Now”)
  • Gallery Session 5:
    Maureen Taylor (1:39 - “Photo Detective”)
    David Rencher (25:45 - “Connecting Families”)
    A.J. Jacos and David Rencher at the Global Family Reunion
    Eric Schoenberg (57:30 - “Family Business”)
    Niels Hansen (1:14:18 - “The Global Chart”)
    Kasia Bryc (1:28:45 - “Ask Your DNA”)
  • Gallery Session 6:
    Wesley Eames (9:23 - “Genealogy & Tech”)

Two other tracks of entertainment and pop presentations are available. See the schedule and the videos.

The main stage at the Global Family Reunion

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