Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vault Vednesday:’s Granite Vault

Perpetual Storage, Inc. vault layout It’s Vault Vednesday! This is another in a series highlighting record vaults and the NGS Family History Conference coming to Salt Lake City, 28 April—1 May 2010.’s Granite Vault

Today we combine my Vault Vednesday series with my Bloggers Day series of reports.

One of the Bloggers Day presenters mentioned that there is more than one storage vault up in the granite mountains above Salt Lake City. uses the vault of Perpetual Storage, Inc. to store backup tapes containing the contents of its websites.

As I understand, even user contributed content is among the 3,000 tapes has stored in the vault for use in the event of über-catastrophic server failure. That makes and among the safest places on the planet for the storage of your personal genealogical research results.

Photographs of Perpetual Storage, the other granite vault:

Guard at the Perpetual Storage vault Perpetual Storage vault door
Inside the Perpetual Storage vault desnews19790815
Fossil found during
Perpetual Storage vault


The 2010 NGS Family History Conference

2010 NGS Family History ConferenceLast week I mentioned a free opportunity open to everyone, attendees and the public. Following Jay Verkler’s opening keynote, the exhibit hall will open. The exhibit hall, already sold out, may be the largest collection of genealogy vendors ever assembled. You know there will be show specials offered on many of your favorite genealogy products! Book vendors will have the greatest breadth of titles you’ve ever seen (short of the Family History Library, of course).

And there’s something extra special happening this year: FamilySearch is sponsoring a GenTech Technology Hall. There will be a demonstration area, big screen, and seating. There will be a computer lab with 60 computers for free use. If they can work out the logistics, each computer will all be equipped with the famous Family History Library desktop and its amazing collection of premium websites and resources, free for your use!

The concept envisioned for this special extension to the main hall is to bring together vendors and other organizations showing the hottest technology applicable to genealogists. I’ve heard rumor that a variety of FamilySearch personnel might be doing demonstrations of their latest work. If the GenTech Hall works out the way it’s been conceived, it will be amazing!

But wait! There’s more! No, not ginsu knives. Sign up for the conference and you will also receive—and this is what I think is the best thing about the conference—you will also receive… You know, I think I’ve told you enough for one week. Stay tuned!

Early bird registration must be postmarked by 8 March 2010. There are just 52 days left.
Pre-registration must be postmarked by 12 April 2010. There are just 87 days left.
The conference begins 28 April 2010. There are just 103 days left.


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