Friday, January 8, 2010 Blogger Day 2010

The Ancestry Insider's old TGN key card Today the second annual Bloggers Day is convening at their corporate headquarters. I understand that they have invited a slightly different set of bloggers this year. For maximum PR effect, that makes sense. But still… I’d sure like to be there…

Hey! I still have an old TGN key card. I wonder if it would still work? Do you think they would notice if an extra person slipped into the blogger meetings? Someone with bright orange skin?

Tune in Monday and I’ll let you know how I fared…


  1. I just answered a survey from TGN about their blogs. Hope you manage to sneak are the best connection we have for what's going on!

  2. how can it work, it's not the same company, is it? Different name.

    I was invited again, but decided not to go and hope that another blogger got to go in my place.

    I have to publish my society newsletter on Sunday, my daughter is coming with the grandgirls, and I have to be a reporter for SDGS seminar on Saturday.

    I also figured that there wasn't much more to hear since last year, when it was pretty much new for everybody but you. I'm coming to SLC for NGS in April too, so can get my FHL fix then (with thousands of others, though).

    Cheers -- cousin Randy

  3. So, how can they justify the $ I pay for membership if they won't invite my favorite blogger? Shame, shame on them.


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