Monday, February 8, 2010

See You at the St. George Family History Expo

Click to go to the St. George Family History Expo website #FHExpo stands for this month’s St. George Family History Expo, to be held in… (don’t get ahead of me now) …Timbuktu! Just kidding. It’s in St. George, Utah on 26th and 27th, February 2010.

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill started in St. George St. George is best known as the birthplace of Cafe Rio, a popular restaurant chain. What? You’ve never heard of Cafe Rio? Okay, maybe St. George isn’t best known as the birthplace of Cafe Rio. But if you haven’t heard of Cafe Rio, I recommend you check it out while you’re in town for the Expo. It’s a local favorite!

Amanda Righetti (as Grace Van Pelt) from The Mentalist was born in St. GeorgeSt. George is best known as the birthplace of Amanda Righetti who plays Grace Van Pelt on The Mentalist (seen in this photo with Tim Kang as Kimball Cho). Wait a minute. Now that I look at her biography on the show’s website, it says she was born “outside Las Vegas.” Hmmm. Maybe Righetti is not what St. George is best known for. If you eat unrefrigerated leftovers from Cafe Rio, you may have to check out of the hospital also.

I think it is safe to say that among genealogists, St. George is best known for the St. George Family History Expo! With its golf courses and Las Vegasque weather, it’s the perfect place for a February conference.

Yours truly will be teaching, “Blog Your Way to Genealogical Success.” Having your own genealogy blog will give you a free, easy way to publish your results on the web, log your research, and establish contact with helpful relatives. This class is for beginners. You’ll get a step-by-step guide for successfully creating a blog. Prerequisites: You must know how to turn your computer on, use a mouse, and browse the Internet.

Mine is not the only session you’ll want to attend, of course. This conference is the perfect place to increase your genealogical maturity. Go to the show’s website. Review the presenter biographies. You’ll see national experts and local favorites.

Blogger-of-Honor2While I’m in town I’ll also be one of the Expo’s “Bloggers of Honor,” along with some of the industry’s best known. I am very honored. Native St. Georgers have, maybe, never seen a more popular chain of august bloggers than the group I have been asked to join.

Bernie Gracy, who writes the blog, will present the conference keynote. While he is perhaps best known for his lectures on location-based genealogy, in St. George this year he plans to give “an unconventional and hopefully motivational keynote, ‘Let Your Light Shine; Let Their Light Shine.’ ”

If you’re busy on the 26th and 27th and can’t make it to St. George, I will try to post notes live on Twitter. For information about following the St. George Family History Expo live on Twitter, see my August 2009 article, “The Ancestry ‘Tweety’ Insider.” But this month follow the hashtag, #FHExpo.


  1. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the conference. I am interested in your class topic and I was wondering if purchasing a syllabus of the conference classes would be benecial?

  2. Yes. If you don't have a blog now, and you would like the ultimate hand-holding experience, get a copy of the syllabus.

    -- The Insider


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