Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vault Vednesday: Optimized for Preservation

It’s Vault Vednesday! This is another in a series highlighting the Granite Mountain Record Vault (GMRV) and the NGS Family History Conference coming to Salt Lake City, 28 April—1 May 2010.

Optimized for Preservation

The Granite Mountain Record Vault was designed to be an ideal long-term storage facility. The location is ideal in many ways, shielding genealogical records from most natural disasters: hurricanes, flooding, tornados, lightning, and so forth.

Office spaceHallway
Office space (above left), hallway (above right).
Air treatment equipment (below left), electrical generator (below right).

Air treatment equipmentElectrical generator

The natural climate of the vault is also ideal. The temperature is 57 to 58 degrees, year round, and the natural humidity is always 40 to 50 percent. To these natural conditions, FamilySearch has added air treatment machinery to produce a clean-room type environment, filtering most dust, smoke, and chemicals out of the air. Emergency power generators keep the equipment working during power outages.

2010 NGS Family History ConferenceThe 2010 NGS Family History Conference

The Utah Genealogical Association, the local host for the 2010 NGS Family History Conference, is organizing twenty-minute consultations with genealogy experts. This service is provided for no additional charge with your conference registration. Sign up when you pre-register.

Bring a pedigree chart, applicable family group sheets, and a list of sources that you’ve already consulted.

Early bird registration must be postmarked by 8 March 2010. There are just days left.
Pre-registration must be postmarked by 12 April 2010. There are just days left.
The conference begins 28 April 2010. There are just days left.


     The Genealogical Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Records Protection in an Uncertain World, 16 p. brochure ([Salt Lake City, Utah: self-published, 1973]).

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