Friday, February 12, 2010

Insider Ketchup

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Once again, it’s time to ketchup on the many items I’d like to write articles about, but don’t have the time.

BulletTreeThere has to be some joke that could be made about this news story, but I don’t have the time to tickle it out. Maybe Chris Dunham, the Genealogue, could give it a shot:

Bullet is doing an interesting co-marketing promotion. You can earn dividend miles on U.S. Airways by subscribing to

  • 6 month U.S. subscription for $89.70 (14.95/mo.), 1250 dividend miles (13.9 miles per dollar)
  • 12 month U.S. subscription for $155.40 (12.95/mo.), 2500 dividend miles (16.1 miles per dollar)
  • 6 month World subscription for $161.70 (26.95/mo.), 2500 dividend miles (15.5 miles per dollar)
  • 12 month World subscription for $299.40 (24.95/mo.), 5000 dividend miles (16.7 miles per dollar)

For more information, click here.

FamilySearch BulletDan Lawyer does short interviews with several techies that worked on the Search feature of the new FamilySearch website Beta.

(If you can’t see the video above, click here to see it on YouTube.)

Bullet Ancestry.comProving once again that there’s nothing new under the sun, has added “bucket” searches (as we called them internally) to New Search. I still remember the hue and cry that erupted back in July 2006 when introduced search buckets. “Now I have to do four searches instead of one!” users complained. Users wanted to go back to the “old search,” which searched all databases. Sounds like today’s “new search.”

Bucket search on new (top) and old (bottom)
(Above, top: Bucket search on new search. Above, bottom: Bucket search on old search.)

New FamilySearch rollout map from the Deseret News's Mormon Times FamilySearch BulletThere are been several new articles in Mormon Times on New FamilySearch (NFS) since I last pointed in that direction. These articles talk about temple work and will be of interest mostly to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

You may be interested in the map photographs at the top of the articles. They are of a large map on a wall inside FamilySearch’s offices. It is difficult to see in any of the photographs, but if you look carefully at the closeups, you can see little green LEDs. As each temple went live, an LED was lit. In real life, the effect is pretty electrical (so to speak). Very cool.


Good grief. I’m out of time again, and I’ve not cleared out even half of my backlog. Here’s a couple more quick ones:

BulletTreeUPrinting is giving away five 24x36 poster prints, which I assume could be PDFs generated by’s MyCanvas feature. For information about the giveaway, click here. You must enter by 19 February 2010.

BulletTreeGenealogy Gem’s Lisa has scored big with an exclusive interview with another Lisa: Lisa Kudrow. Way to go, Lisa! Lisa will be releasing the Lisa interview on Valentine’s Day. For more information, click here.

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  1. Thanks for the spam you sent on behalf of However, the subscription price charges its customers is a rip-off, big time! There are plenty of sources out there without letting taking a big dip into your wallet. The free use of is one of them. Another is the church's FamilySearch, especially and To those that do a lot of indexing for FamilySearch, such as myself, we are hoping to eventually get free access to the data that we are extracting.


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