Thursday, January 27, 2011

RootsTech Two Weeks from Today

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I’m getting pretty excited! RootsTech is only two weeks away! If you’ve been putting off deciding about the conference, now’s a good time to decide to come.

I mentioned before that one challenge I saw for conference organizers was the combination of classes for the general public and for technology creators (academics, software developers, and product managers). The conference schedule doesn’t appear to indicate which classes are for which audience.

Well I’ve just noticed there is a “course schedule listing option” for listing only the classes for “Tech Users” (the general public) or for “Tech Creators.” I don’t know if the option has always been present. Since links to the schedule scroll this important feature off the top of the page, I suspect it was added after the fact.

Select Tech Users to see classes for the general public

As you work with the listing options, there are some other problems you should be aware of (unless FamilySearch fixes them before you read this).

If you set the listing option to “Keynotes/Luncheons,” you won’t see all the luncheons. Check out the Luncheon page to see them all.

If you set the listing option to tech users or creators, you won’t see the panel discussions:

  • Best Uses of Mobile Devices
  • How Should We Handle Sources
  • Define a Person
  • Genealogical Data Standards

The RootsTech website needs a page about the panel discussions, an indication of the intended audience (users or technology creators), a blurb about the subject, and a list of the panel members. The presenter column in the schedule should say “Discussion Panel” and include a link to the discussions page.

Fortunately, I have Insider information on the panel discussions. Tomorrow I’ll spill the beans. Stay tuned…

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