Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Pedigree Resource File: Sources and Notes

We saw Barbara’s letter* in yesterday’s “Monday Mailbox” and Friday’s “Darned Records” article.

Barbara may have been using one of the new features in the September 2011 release of Notes and sources are now shown online; there is no need to find and consult the CD–ROM or DVD just to see notes and sources.

Consider the record mentioned in Barbara’s letter. On it looks like this (less some of the note):


On the current it looks like this:


Notice these differences:

  • As previously noted, notes and sources are included online
  • Disk number, PIN, and submitter information are gone
  • Instead, a regularly formatted source citation is given

FamilySearch is trying hard to entice users away from the classic site and onto the current PRF notes and sources are a compelling reason.

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