Wednesday, June 6, 2012

FamilySearch Indexing on iPad

The thought of doing FamilySearch indexing on an iPad is intriguing. How convenient would it be to take a couple of moments here and a couple there to accomplish something worthwhile while waiting for the popcorn in the microwave.

The reality is, as of yet, unfulfilling. In all fairness the app is identified as a beta. It earns that moniker in many regards. But before I get into the problems, let me first run down the basic operation.

The paradigm is simple enough. You are given a small snippet of a document. Enter what you see.

The main FamilySearch iPad indexing screen has a snippet to index

Long-time indexers know that to decipher handwriting one commonly needs to see the entire document. To view the document, touch the document icon above the snippet.

The FamilySearch iPad indexing app can show the entire document

In compliance with iPad design philosophy the interface is simple and intuitive. Along the bottom are five choices: indexing, history, guide, stats, and settings. History shows recently indexed snippets.

The FamilySearch iPad indexing app can show a history of recent snippets

Next time I’ll talk about the betaness of FamilySearch iPad Indexing.

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