Friday, July 20, 2012

Kehrer Webinar: Future of the New Catalog

I’m sharing some of my notes from the 21 June 2012 webinar by Robert Kehrer, senior product manager, search technologies. The webinar was titled “FamilySearch Historical Records and Library Catalog.”

Robert Kehrer presented a glimpse of future catalog features.


(Genealogists have a litmus test which we use to determine if a product manager understands the old catalog. Someone who really understands the old catalog knows the importance of showing for a place, what place it is within and what places are within it. From the “Upcoming Features” slides, I can see that Kehrer understand the old catalog.)

When asked the time frame for these new features, he said he can’t really give a date. (These things are very dependent on competing features, competing products, backlogs, and bug fixes. There are lots of good reasons why a product manager can not give an expected release date.)


This concludes my series on Kehrer’s webinar. For more information, see the entire webinar.

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