Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Mailbox: Fantastic Webinar

Dear Ancestry Insider,

A fantastic webinar a couple of weeks ago revealed this gem: both old and new catalogs now access the same database, and thus there is no difference in frequency of update.

The webinar was made available live via the FamilySearch Blog and has now been made available for viewing at your pleasure at In it Robert Kehrer also gave some good information on some in-process changes at FamilySearch! Its a "must watch" for all serious users of FamilySearch; well worth the hour it takes. I highly recommend it!

And perhaps, if you are one of those folks who have been continuing to use the old catalog for all your work, it will motivate you to give the new catalog another look.

Mike St. Clair*

Dear Mike,

I too enjoyed the webinar very much. Robert Kehrer is one of my favorite product managers. I echo your endorsement. Actually, he’s redone the webinar. (He showed his own tree, with information about his immediate family, in the original broadcast. I recommended he avoid that.)

For those that can’t budget an hour, this week I’ll share with you some of my notes. Here’s the first snippet:

Historical Record Collections Update

FamilySearch now has

  • 1190 collections
  • 800 million images
  • 1.3 billion records
  • 2.875 billion names

Stay tuned…


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