Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kehrer Webinar: Refine Your Search Results

I’m sharing some of my notes from the 21 June 2012 webinar by Robert Kehrer, senior product manager, search technologies. The webinar was titled “FamilySearch Historical Records and Library Catalog.”

When last we left you, Robert Kehrer had just done a parent search for father Samuel Martin and mother Lovina in Vermont.

imageAlong the edge of the window, to the left of the search results, is the Refine Form. Here you can refine your search terms.

“Below the Refine Form we have some filters which are tremendously powerful,” said Kehrer.

One feature offered by filters is result counts. Clicking on a filter name reveals a list that indicates result counts. For example, after the parent search above, click on collections. The little “fly out” square indicates there are 33 results from collections that record births, marriages, and deaths. It also indicates there are 11 results and census collections.

Clicking on Births, Marriages and Deaths immediately filters the results to those of that collection type.

Clicking on the resulting collection type, activates another fly out which can be used to further filter the results. For collection types, individual collections are listed. In the example above, Kehrer noticed that in addition to eleven children in Vermont, there are an additional two in Wisconsin.

Filtering can be performed on a variety of things like birth, marriage, and death information, as shown in the image to the left.


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