Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Census Indexing Horse Race Update for 30 June 2012

The big news this week is that has released six new states!

Pennsylvania 9,900,180 records
Ohio 6,907,612 records
Tennessee 2,915,841 records
Virginia 2,677,773 records
Colorado 1,123,296 records
Vermont 359,231 records

“These states will join four other searchable states and Washington, D.C,” said spokesperson, Matthew Deighton. The previously searchable states are Delaware, Maine, Nevada, and (the biggy) New York. These eleven make up more than 39 million records of the 132 million total records. 1940 Indexing Status Map for 30 June 2012

According to Deighton, will finish the project this year and the records will remain free through 2013 on

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