Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Features of the FamilySearch Collection List

This week I’m sharing some of my notes from the 21 June 2012 webinar by Robert Kehrer, senior product manager, search technologies. The webinar was titled “FamilySearch Historical Records and Library Catalog.”

I’ve diagrammed some of the features Robert Kehrer showed on the collection list page.

Features of the FamilySearch Collection List Page

Stay tuned…

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  1. I love FamilySearch but some problems need to be corrected sooner than later. It has just been pointed out on the APG list that the indexing of the North Carolina marriage bonds has several errors. The marriage bond has the name of the male and word Marg Bond at the top. To find the name of the female one must scroll to the bottom of the page. Search the North Carolina marriages for Margaret Bond and you will find at least 16 errors. I don't agree with leaving the original indexed pages and adding corrections. Actual errors should be removed and corrected. Beth Gay


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