Friday, March 1, 2013

Darned July 52nd!

Records say the darnedest things

We depend upon records to reveal the “truth” about our pasts.

Yet sometimes records have anomalies.
Some are amusing or humorous.
Some are interesting or weird.
Some are peculiar or suspicious.
Some are infuriating, even downright laughable.

Yes, Records are the Darnedest Things.”

Records Are the Darnedest Things: July 52nd

I came across this newspaper recently:

The Pulaski Democrat, July 52, 1906

July 52, 1906No. 47 of volume LVI of the Pulaski Democrat of Oswego County, New York, was published on 52 July 1906!

Nineteen-o-six. It was one of the longest Julys on record.


  1. I searched all over Ancestry help but do not find a way to alert them to obvious database problems. Maybe you know someone that knows someone ;-)

    I was filtering my surname search to
    > Census & Voter Lists > 1790s

    and entires from the following database come flooding to the TOP of the search results - very annoying

    Savannah, Georgia, Land Tax & Property Records, 1896-1938

    --- dates are not even in the same century!

    1. Dear mystuffbp,

      All you can do is report it through their customer service and hope. If and when it is fixed, you will not be informed.

      --The Insider

  2. No, no, no. What looks like an unusual 5 is really a Polish 3. They meant July 32, silly.


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