Tuesday, September 24, 2013

FamilySearch Indexing Stats

The latest FamilySearch Indexing newsletter came out 6 September 2013.

Here’s a quick update on the indexing numbers given in the newsletter:

Total Records

Current Projects

Total Records
Completed in 2013

Contributors in 2013

The newsletter also pointed to a 28 August 2013 article that asks for more volunteers to arbitrate. “Right now, FamilySearch indexing is behind in arbitration by nearly four million images. That represents some 10 million individuals whose names cannot be published.”

I had always assumed that most of the time the A indexer and the B indexer agreed and no arbitration was necessary. According to the article, “In the majority of cases, the two indexers give slightly different answers on one or more parts of a batch, so a third person is needed to review the answers and choose between them.”

To become an arbitrators, read “Becoming an Arbitrator.”

Indexing is outperforming arbitration


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  2. I've been an arbitrator for quite a long time now and most times when I download 10 arbitration batches at a time the batches are sequential and no missing numbers. It's rare to hear of indexers who get a 100% batch that hasn't gone through an arbitrator. Yes we need to train more arbitrators but we need to make sure they're trained properly as well. If you'd like to become an arbitrator please check out our section on arbitration here http://www.lofsii.com and you don't have to log in to ask questions in our Share Batch / Questions area.


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