Friday, July 11, 2014

Darned Twins Born 29 Days Apart

Records say the darnedest things

We depend upon records to reveal the “truth” about our pasts.

Yet sometimes records have anomalies.
Some are amusing or humorous.
Some are interesting or weird.
Some are peculiar or suspicious.
Some are infuriating, even downright laughable.

Yes, “Records Say the Darnedest Things.”

Darned Twins Born Weeks Apart

“Pedigree analysis” easily uncovers typos and misinformation in a family tree. But sometimes reality overshadows common sense. Take for example, Alexandre and Ronaldo, twin sons of Ronaldo Antunes and Lindalva Pinheiro da Silva. Alexandre was born 2 March 2014 and Ronaldo was born 26 March 2014. For more information, see “Boston Twins Born 24 Days Apart” and “Preemie Twins Born 24 Days Apart Headed Home After Rare Delivery.”

Topping that were Carl and David Cowan, twin sons of David and Elene Cowan, born 39 days apart. Carl was born on 20 January 2014 and David was born 28 February 2014. For more of their story, see “Kansas City Twins Born 39 Days Apart” and “'Miracles Happen': Preemie Twins Born 39 Days Apart.” (The latter article misreported David’s birth month as March.)

David Cowan was born 28 February, 39 days after his borther

Maybe such large spreads will be increasingly common in the future. But maybe Alexandre, Ronaldo, Carl, and David will have some very, very confused great-great-grandchildren.

Yes, records do say the darnedest things.


  1. 1 day differences in twin's birthdates can appear in earlier records, leaving one to wonder which is correct or if they were really born on either side of midnight.

  2. is a link to a story where twins were born 87 days apart

  3. Very interesting! In my teens, I was friends with twins who were born on December 31st in the last year of a decade... with just a few hours change in their birth, they could have been born in different years & different decades! Imagine twins born in different centuries!


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