Friday, January 8, 2016

Darned Records: Flush Out Your Family Tree

Findmypast has a pretty low opinion of my records. They recently told me to flush out my family history.


I suppose we could all be reminded to use high-quality records to document our family trees. Still, this felt a little extreme.

(My apologies to Findmypast. I live in a constant state of anxiety because I have soo many errors in my writing! My blog writing software just lost its spell checker, so expect even more. I just hope they don’t spotlight my next doozy in their blog!)

Yes, records say the darnedest things!


  1. Don't take it too personally, as I have heard people use "flush out" and "flesh out" interchangeably :-) Having said that, I have seen information on Ancestry trees which should be flushed out!

    1. HaHa! Good point! I would say "flushed down the toilet"!

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  3. Actually, in a certain sense, this could almost be correct. A dog may "flush out" birds that are hiding from hunters. Perhaps they meant you can scare your family history out of hiding?

  4. I will flush out my family history when I digitize it all and dispose of the paper, and I will flesh it out with new discoveries I make as I document every item, and when I add it to my online tree I hope I will flush out some of my relatives.

  5. As FMP is a British site (I believe), "Flush Out" may have a slightly different meaning in Britain than it does in America - Lol!


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