Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Mailbox: Millions, not Billions

The Ancestry Insider's Monday MailboxDear Ancestry Insider,

I do not believe that Ancestry has 2 billion paid subscribers as you indicated. I would like to know your source for that information. I don't believe they actually have 2 billion subscribers (paid or unpaid)


Dear Everybody,

Yikes! My typo. Millions, not billions. At one out of two million paid subscribers, your cancellation affects by 1,000 times what I stated.

Kevin provided the source for the two million subscriber number:

I have fixed the error in the posted article, as well as a couple of spelling errors. (I think I warned you that my favorite blog software discontinued its spell checker.) The error effects the meaning of the sentence, and for some readers, the entire article. See “The Insider’s Take on the New Ancestry” if you wish to reread the article with the change.

Thank you for calling this to my attention.

--The Ancestry Insider

Dear Ancestry Insider,

I like your new profile picture. Does this mean you are no longer staying incognito?


Dear Anonymous,

While the caricature looks a lot more like me, I still wish to remain “anonymous.” Please do not post photos of me without redacting most of my face. I changed the picture because I wanted to distance myself from the Simpsons and I wanted to freshen up my branding.

And I’m glad you like it.

The Ancestry Insider

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  1. Yes I like the "new look" also. Thanks for all the information you share with us!


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