Thursday, January 28, 2016

#RootsTech Attendee Hints

The Ancestry Insider is a RootsTech 2016 AmbassadorHere some factoids and hints, current as of Tuesday night when I wrote this article.

RootsTech is very close to 10,000 registrants. There are 20,000 additional people signed up on Saturday for Family Discovery Day, but RootsTech organizers figure only about 60% of them will come. (It was free to sign up.) If you want to sign up for Family Discovery Day, you still can, but you MUST sign up ahead of time. The intended audience for Family Discovery Day is members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but all are welcome.

Because of these crowds, the things you wish to do in the Expo Hall – do them on Thursday and Friday. And if the restrooms in the lobby are full, try the restrooms in the back of the expo hall.

Speaking of the expo hall, don’t buy your soda/coke/pop. Get it free at the Cyber Cafe. Apparently, admittance to the expo hall is limited this year. According to the RootsTech website

Anyone wanting to enter the Expo Hall will be required to purchase an Expo Hall Only pass. The Expo Hall Only pass costs just $19 and includes access to the morning keynote session. Registration for an Expo Hall Only pass is available through the registration portal.

The plan was to have the syllabus online by Wednesday. Check for a link under “About.”

#RootsTech is the official hashtag for the conference.

The streaming schedule is coming soon. The decision on sessions is still fluid. Doris Kearns Goodwin will not be broadcast. RootsTech was not able to get permission.

If this is your first RootsTech, the registration area is at the southeast end of the conference center.


  1. Where is the Cyber Cafe? I don't see it on the Salt Palace floorpans.

  2. Any other newbie hints? I have created my schedule. I don't have an app of it, as I use WIN phones.

  3. This is my 1st Roots Tech also, I am concerned about getting a seat in the classes I want, would you recommend not taking any kind of break the 30 mins between classes and high tailing it to the next class to claim a seat? Several of my back to back classes are at complete different ends of convention center and it looks to be about ~400 yards from end to end- with 10k people attending I'm visualizing a scene from black Friday.... a bit ugly! Thank you for all your info, its much appreciated!


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